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Meet Pearl...

"It is only through our shame, through our embarrassment, through our lonely and oh so dark nights.  That we can stand up and rise, while shining our Brightest of Glimmering Lights."

Like so many of you, I was afraid.  I was afraid to express my Truth.  I was afraid to Shine my Light.  I was afraid to show the world…well, ME.

From the moment I was born, I was treated as if I was a problem.  I was treated as if I needed to be fixed.  From my family, to being bullied by classmates at school, to the looks I got on the streets, I was treated as if I needed to be different.  That I cannot show the world the real me or I will not be liked…or even worse, tormented because of it. 

I was taught that I needed to reform to a standard of “perfect” set by society.  A standard of “perfection” that everyone around me seemed to portray.

The Truth is that I have always been very imperfect.  I felt A LOT.  I was extremely sensitive.  I had emotions.  I felt rage, anger, and hurt.  And boy I felt extreme love, joy and happiness, too.

I communicated with the non-physical.  I saw the world as energy.  I saw the world vastly different than those around me growing up.

The truth of the matter is that I am not able to numb my Soul and my feelings as is pressured on me by society.  Nor do I ever want to.


I cannot mold to the masses and seek superficial pleasures, while escaping the real and True essence of ME..that can only be found deep WITHIN my Soul...not escaping from it.

Through many different mentors, teachers, trainings, healings, activations and so forth, I realized…

My sensitivities.  My rawness.  My vulnerability.  Was my STRENGTH…NOT my weakness.

As soon as I let go and allowed my realness to shine…my entire life shifted.

I met more and more people that were part of my Soul Tribe.  People loved and respected me for just being ME. Abundance in all shapes and forms started flowing to me.  And most importantly, I was no longer held hostage by what other people thought or wanted me to be.

I was FREE.

Energy flew through me and I was able to discover my purpose, while being the Creator of my own life.

For the first time in my life, I felt safe and comfortable Being ME.

Are you ready to experience the Magic that comes with Being YOU?

me at cacao ceremony.jpg

There is nothing you have to do to fit in.  There is Nowhere you have to go to get anywhere.  There is nothing you have to change about who you are.


The only thing you need to do is to BE YOU. 

I want to show You the Magic that comes forth when you let go and allow your True, Radiant, and dare I say messy Self to shine forth. 

How to be the You that’s ever-changing.  The You that is beyond time and space.  The You that flows.  The You that is as gentle and free as a feather dancing with the wind.

How to clean off the remnants that you have gained throughout your life.  The labels.  The negative beliefs.  The conditioning. 


I created The Messy Shaman so that I can show you all the raw, yet beautiful and imperfect parts of ME.


And through this unveiling of my Self, along with all my wisdom AND insecurities…through all my messiness… I hope to inspire you to be YOU, too.  That beautiful, imperfect, raw you that is waiting at the sidelines, ready to ROAR.

I hope you come join me on this journey, as we Free ourselves from the shackles society has put upon us and break free from the cage.

The cage that has kept us small.  The cage that has kept us eager, yet unable to share our gifts fully.


The cage that has kept us yearning to burst through the metal bars, rise above, and SOAR.

Let The Magic Begin.



Hi, my name is Pearl. I am a Shamanic Empowerment Coach & Healer, that is here to bring you the healing energy of Love. My mission is to teach you how to go within and unlock the key to Your own magic, healing from past emotional wounds, coming to a state of transcendental love, in alignment with Your Soul


In 2017, I founded a ministry, called Transcendental Love,where I live out this mission.


As a Holistic Minister Practitioner, I have a bachelor's degree in Sociology, along

with certifications in Advanced Life Skills Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching

from Holistic Learning Center. I am a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and

have had many other teachers and mentors guide me along the way.


This extensive knowledge, along with my psychic abilities and wisdom gained

from healing from my traumatic childhood and deep shame, have demonstrated to

me how you can not only overcome deep emotional trauma, but how you can use it to Thrive.


Now I want to teach you how to do the same and live a life of magic, purpose, and grace.



I offer a wide array of one on one coaching, healings, and Shamanic Journey sessions. Please check out my

free Facebook Community, Our Journey Towards Oneness, where I share more of her Magic and invite you to do the same. 

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