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A Tribute to Marc Switko ~ The Spark that can never Die.

I am writing this article to pay Tribute to a man that is beyond intellectual wording. To a man that was too big for this world. To a man whose work was far too great that it couldn't fit into this third dimensional plane any longer. To a Hero. A legend. To not only a Psychotherapist, Sound Healer, Musician, and Writer...but also to my Friend, Teacher, and Collaborator, Mr. Marc J. Switko.

"What happened to Marc?"

My friend texted me, the morning of 4/13/22.

"Marc who????", I replied.

But I knew very well who she was talking about, as my heart dropped.

She went on to tell me "Marc Switko"..."I found out"...."suicide".

My heart sunk even deeper into the floor. I couldn't believe the words that were coming across my phone.

For two weeks, it has been on my to do list to reach out to Marc. I was finally going to do so that day. I felt the energy clear, and I was ready to ask him if he was ready to harmonize in another Cacao Ceremony together on Memorial Day. I never got the chance to.


I had known Marc for years. I knew him from back in the days of my coming out into the Spiritual World, in Kundalini Yoga.

He would come play gong for an hour long, while touching and livening every cell of my Being. As he would read from the little book that he carried around, I was taken to a place far, far away.

It was a place that I can only imagine Marc knew as "home". And his Soul would return there to rest on April 12, 2022.

I had eventually become a yoga teacher and would teach after Marc's gong meditation. I remember how small I felt next to his ginormous presence.

I was intimidated as fuck. I remember thinking, I can't even compare. Who would want to sit through my Kundalini Yoga class after experiencing THAT?!

But the show went on, as I took my seat behind his glimmering rays of sunshine.

Besides him being ultra talented, and mesmerizing every being he touched with his melody...he cared. He REALLY cared. He wanted everyone well. He wanted everyone to be free of pain.

It became quite obvious to me that he was on a mission. To take as many others out of the depths of darkness to that of which he had experienced. From that of which he knew so well.

I'll never forget the day I stood in front of my largest in-person audience to date for a Wellness Event at another friend's Yoga Studio.

I went on stage, and told my story. My story of deep shame. My story from living a life where I didn't "fit in", and everyone was always trying to "fix" me. My story stemming from a life of bullying to wanting to escape this world. My story to which I shared my suicidal ideations that began at the young age of 8 years old.

As I anxiously stood there on stage, trembling in fear, I looked around to the audience, and one face stood out. The face of my friend Marc. He looked at me with such deep empathy. He had been there. He understood deeply what I talked about. He knew what it was like to want to escape this world. I knew from that day forward that we knew each other on a different plane, separate from the world we were a part of.

The Sunday after that we returned back to our Kundalini Yoga/Gong routine. He looked at me and said, that was really good. You did an amazing job. Referring to my talk at this Wellness Event.

And then we went on with everyone else in awe of him and me sitting quietly in the background.

I remember thinking wow. This amazing man. This amazing Soul, that was so above and beyond me, thought that I did an amazing job??

Little did either of us know of how much confidence that declaration of approval gave to me.

Years passed by. I came into my own. I was now a Shamanic Practitioner, healer, writer and had developed my very own spark.

I was guided by Spirit to throw my first Cacao Ceremony at my new home. I knew I couldn't do this enormous task on my own. I needed a Divinely guided, Yang energy to harmonize with. So I reached out to the grandest Yang energy I knew of. Mr. Marc Switko.

He graciously accepted without hesitation. And together, we threw a transformational ceremony. We were now equals. We collaborated together. And together, we were able to instill our Magic into others'.

It was a dream come true.

We were going to create another ceremony in September, until I got ill with Lyme symptoms and needed to take some time off.

That was the last time I saw the legendary Marc Switko in person. 8/8/2021. But he has always remained in my heart and thoughts.


Shortly after I received news of his passing, I had my own private ceremony for him at the Lake right here in town.

As I threw tobacco into the waters, I felt that ginormous presence again.

I looked up in the clouds, I saw his face again.

I turned around and saw the leaves scatter, I heard his footsteps again.

As the wind blew creating ripples in the water, I felt his messages come through.

I soon realized that he lives on more than ever. Right now. Right here. In every moment.

I realized his Soul had chosen this. His Soul had chosen this to wake others up. To heal others in the community in ways they could never imagine.

He is we speak...working harder than ever with those with mental illness. Helping them heal right at their core.

And might I add, doing a kick ass job at it.

The Memorial Day Ceremony might not happen with his physical presence. But he made it clear that I was to continue with the plans and he will make sure to be there in the non physical, as we fight for our mutual cause.

To the man that was too big for the world, I owe the world to you. Your words will continue to live through me. The magnitude of your gong will continue to play on in my heart.

Your wisdom lies buried deep. Deep within my Soul.

I had lost my words. My writing hasn't been able to come forth for a while now. I have been left speechless.

As tears stream down my face, I'm filled with such deep gratitude for you, dear Marc.

To the Spark that will never die. The spark that will never fade.` The spark that will never go away.

Thank you Marc. I honor you.

My words have now been found.


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