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How Do I Love Myself?

How do I Love myself?

When no one has yet to hold me.

How do I see myself?

When no one has yet to understand me.

How do I be with myself?

When no one wants to be around me.

How do I accept myself?

When I am still imperfect,

And yea, a bit messy.

I have my eyes wide open,

To see if I am yet, still worthy.

I feel the answers come,

As a shower washes down upon me.

I finally found myself,

Through the Patience & Grace of the Lord.

I am now renewed,

Through the Light in which I am reborn.

I can now dwell in peace,

Through the Holy waters that run deep within.

I can now see the Greatness in me.

Through the eyes of the

Great & Mysterious Divine.

I can finally Feel the Love

And acceptance for myself,

Through the ever changing,

Will and Grace of Thine.

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