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45 minute FREE consult

If you want to see if this work is for you and to see if we are a fit, I encourage you to sign up for one of my free consulting sessions where we'll explore what it is you want from working with me, where you want to go, and if I'm the right match to take you there.

Akashic Records Readings & Healings

1-hour reading     $149

Receive helpful insights and healing energies for your most trying questions  from your wise & loving Record Keepers.  They will help you identify and overcome limiting beliefs that are blocking your healing and from moving forward.

This divine connection will empower you to act with confidence, knowing that you are taking action in accordance with your highest good.

Past Life Regression

1-hour session     $179

A lot of what you're experiencing in this lifetime, can very well be undone karma from a past life.  Ever feel as though you keep healing the same thing over and over again and yet your life doesn't seem to shift?  Come on a journey with me and Your Highest of Integrity Guides and explore up to three past lives.  Receive energetic Healings Soul Integrations, dissolve of past life contracts and much more in this powerful one hour session.  

Shamanic Journey & Healing

1-hour session     $149

Explore the Middle, Lower, and Upper Worlds in this Powerful one hour session.  Receive messages from your Highest of Integrity Beings, Power Animals, Ancestors, and much more!  These messages and the Divine connection that you will experience will help you move forward on your path with confidence and integrity.  Also included are healings and Activations from my Healing Guides or other Deepest of Love Beings to help you remove blocks and launch forward on Your path ahead.

Transformational 6 month Empowerment Coaching Program

12 - 1 hour sessions 24/7 support  $1777

Experience a huge transformation during this 6 month program with me.  During our time together, we will have a one hour session biweekly.  In between sessions, you can have full access to me via voxer or other app of your choice to help you get through the challenges you face in every day life.  You also get your own personal Guided Meditation that you can daily.  You will receive healing around past trauma; help with regaining your confidence, Self-parenting your inner child work; Boundary protection; Energetic healings and activations; Journeys; chakra balancing; given weekly frequencies with my Healy Resonance machine; learn how to connect with your very own Guides; and so much more!  You tell me your goals and intentions, and I will be the taxi driver that will help you get there.  

One off Coaching Session

1-hour session     $149

Have a specific issue you need advice and help getting through?  Sign up for a powerful One off session, where I will help you release some deep trauma that is embedded in your body.  These sessions can go anywhere from somatic work, to working with an imbedded belief, to channeling guidance, to healings & activations and much more! 

To sign up for any of these sessions listed above, please click below for payment and then I will email you with a link to set up your appointment.  Please include what service you are paying for. 





I don't turn anyone down that truly wants the healing, so if you would like to work out a payment arrangement, please email me @ and we'll work something out.

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