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Jenna Ferguson

"Holy Source! Since starting my self mastery journey one on one with Pearl just 12 weeks ago, I am so much closer to who I truly am!! I have become so much more aware of my physical, emotional, and mental Self in a way that I never knew was possible.

I have been able to ACTUALLY stick to my New Year’s resolution of emotional honesty. Pearl has helped me every step of the way answering any questions I had with honesty, kindness, and empathy. I feel so much more in control of my life because I can finally say that I LOVE MYSELF!

She has helped me to see that I truly do have a loving higher power that is working with me; I am connected to the universe and can receive the messages it sends me. Pearl has helped me understand that all of my life experiences both good and bad are mine, and are opportunities for me to learn and grow! I can never thank her enough for being one of the best support systems I’ve ever had!

Pearl’s 12-week self-mastery course has been an immeasurably important part of my life and I am incredibly grateful to her!"  ~Jenna

Ruby testimonial.jpg

Ruby James

"I wanted to share with you an experience I had with Pearl Zayas. I took advantage of an offer she advertised. I can truthfully say that my energy levels have increased. I don't mean that I'm now jogging 5 lapses around the park. I mean that I'm doing things, one being I have finally created a 'to do list' instead of keeping things in my head and getting through tasks that I have put to the side. Pearl had taken me on a couple 'gentle journeys' of which I met guides from different elementals and questions I asked were answered. I say 'gentle' because that was exactly how it was. I felt like she held my hand all the way, it was very dreamy. There was a point when we visited one of my past lives and to be honest I thought to myself 'I don't like this' . She literally said out loud 'it's OK you are safe, you are protected'. I said to myself WOW you can see me. At that point I continued and found one of the answers as to what is stopping me. The visions I was given as to what my being would look like, feel like without blocking myself left me feeling amazing. During the week I had some things that surfaced. I know this is normal after a session and was able to address them. After that I have felt almost fearless and can see how fear generates more fear and anxiety. I have also learnt to stop saying 'self sabotage' as this comes to me now as negative. Before I use to say it loud to myself and felt it heavy on me. Have also decided that gifts that I have been granted should be shared and used. The time is now. So what I am saying is that session with Pearl was a free offer and was extremely rewarding and powerful and am still feeling the benefits. Can you imagine what I will gain from her services when I invest in one of her services!! My future is bright and she has shown me. Thank YOU Pearl"

Suzanne testimonial.jpg

Suzanne Carey

    “As we went through the journey, you led me through with journey, using a calm soothing voice, that elicits a feeling of calm and trust. You took note of everything I said. You truly listened.

        Your report was carried with it the energy of peace, kindness, compassions and your beautiful warmth. I have to tell my dear sister, you were right on point. I’m so appreciative and grateful for the time you took to do this for me. I found it very helpful.

    I would highly recommend you to anyone needing to open up and find their true selves. You are a gifted and amazing coach!

Thank you, thank you, thank you

  With love and gratitude ~Suzanne"

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